About us

We believe that creativity leads to better problem-solving. What better way to get creative than playing with colorful clay of endless possibilities?

Why Now?

Reduce the side effects of long-term device use on children.

Despite the great benefits of science and technological advancement,
children are at risk of long-term side effects of prolonged use of digital devices.

From obesity to depression and anxiety, children sitting and playing on their devices all day can face health issues in the long run.
We need to act now to eliminate the dark side of long-term device use for our children.


Our Solution

Exclusive benefits of hands-on toys that digital toys cannot provide.

Kids can relieve their stress and control their emotions with kneading soft clay. Controlling small shapes improves kids’ hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. The freely modifiable our clay allows kids to make and learn from mistakes, experimenting with trial and error. In this process kids' enhances their problem-solving skills. You will also witness kids' thinking with physical objects coming alive with their creative activities.


Value Proposition What We Found

“Early spatial reasoning predicts later creativity and innovation, especially in STEM fields.”
-Prof. David Lubinski, Vanderbilt Univ.

We are a startup fascinated by clay modeling. 
We focus on developing children’s spatial thinking with clay modeling.
We identified the gap in early spatial-thinking development unquenched in our children’s digital life. Clay Fingers bridges the developmental gap utilizing our specially-designed instruction. 
Children can enhance autonomous thinking skills through the process of observing an object before making it with clay, disassembling moving parts of the object, and applying basic shapes on each part. 

But, there is no right answer in the creation activity. Let’s not forget this is the best fun for children playing clay making.

Our Mission

Every child in the world has the right to have happy hopes and dreams. The hopes and dreams shape children’s future, and that future is the world we live in.

The creativity of children will lead our bright future. In every place where that creativity shines, We, Clay Fingers, would like to walk together. We believe in the magical change that this small chunk will bring.
Contact us if you are a non-profit organization. After some verification steps, we will sponsor children with Clay Finger products.


Product production process improvement 
We take the environmental impact of our products seriously. We will plan and execute making our materials and packaging eco-friendly.


12 Apr. 2020 Team ClayFingers