The Lego of Clay

Clay Fingers can be thought of as the Lego of clay. We help kids make impressive clay creations using basic shapes as the building blocks. In the process, kids improve their 3D understanding and creativity in a fun and easy way.

We believe that creativity leads to better problem solving.
What better way to get creative than with colorful clay with limitless possibilities?
Let your creativity take shape.
We are here to encourage your imagination! 

Real Hand-on Play


Premium Quality Modeling Clay

Air-dry modeling clay is a new type of material developed to improve the shortcomings of conventional earth base clay, flour based clay, and oil based clay to help children to develop their infinite three-dimensional creative activities.  Tested to meet the American and European toy safety standards. It is a reliable material that has been verified by parents and teachers all over the world in the last 10 years.

Meet ClayFingers


Need inspiration?

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